Crushpath Video Chat is Here

A simple new feature announcement I did in-house.

Crushpath Video Chat is Here!

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Something magical happens when people can talk face to face. Problems get solved faster, questions get answered sooner, and the excitement of others becomes contagious. Video Chat is our newest feature, and it’s available now across all Crushpath clients. 

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Video chat tools have been around for a while. At best they let us work across team and locale—sometimes even in our pajamas—but their hazards are many: they have us switching between apps and signing into online meetings with gibberish codes. Afterward we're searching for information that doesn't live within the CRM and wasting time writing clarification emails. 

There’s now a better way. Crushpath Video Chat is incorporated right into Crushpath Chat. It’s for all those times when you need to get face-to-face quickly. You can launch it with just one click. It makes communication clearer, collaboration easier, and eats those little errors and time lags for breakfast. This way you can think, plan, and work together—without ever leaving the document or presentation you’re working on. 

Because it’s available on phone, tablet, and desktop, the conversation doesn’t have to stop when you’re on the go. Simply move from device to device, location to location, and keep the good times rolling.

Video Chat is included for all Premium and Business Users. To get started, just share a note and launch Video Chat. We can see the excitement on your faces already!



Online meetings aren't cool. New Crushpath Video Chat is! Collaborate face-to-face—without leaving what you’re working on. 

Launching Crushpath Video Chat, a cure for the dreaded online meeting. Think, plan, and collaborate face-to-face—without leaving what you’re working on. Cool!

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